Happy Easter from the Mountains <3

Happy Easter from the Mountains, my dear!

I spent an amazing weekend skiing and eating chocolate 🙂


– the skier lunch –


– my favourite Easter egg: Jack! –



Spring is coming!

Today was a perfect day! Sunny, warm! I’m ready for spring! Can’t stand rain anymore!

I want to see my garden full of flowers again: here some photos from last year… 🙂











The Liebster Award


Hi guys! I want to thank nosey 89 from Positivesnapshot for nominating me for the Liebster Award!

So Here are the rules:
– Thank the blogger who nominated you
– Answer the 11 questions set by the blogger
– Give 11 facts about yourself
– Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers
– Let the 11 other bloggers know you’ve nominated them, and give them 11 new questions for them to answer.

Here we go with the 11 answers:

1)What is your occupation? I study law at university. Quite a boring occupation!

2)Where is your favourite holiday destination? When I have a few days off I’d always try to leave Milan to visit new places, but every time I can’t resist: London’s calling!

3)Do you like pets and do you have any? I love pets! I have a dog, a cocker spaniel: Jack! He always make me smile when I need it!

4)What is your favourite colour? I like yellow or orange, a mix of both. The colour of the sun! It makes me feel in peace.

5)Do you have a middle name? No. I don’t.

6)What is your favourite restaurant? I love Temakinho! It’s a restaurant in Milan that mix Japanese and Brazilian flavours! Gorgeous!

7)Do you like cleaning? I’m quite messy, so… yes and no. I don’t like to stay in a dirty place, but I’m not a freaky housekeeper!

8)Do you like cooking? Oh yes! I love to try to cook new dishes and try new flavours! I’m Italian… What do I have to say more?

9)What’s your favourite drink? White Wine. Gewürztraminer of course.

10)How did you come up with the name of your blog? I thought about my passion for photography and especially for reportage, where picture after picture you can tell your own story.

11)Have you traveled much? I always try to leave to visit new places and to meet new cultures. But I still have lots of places to visit!

And now 11 random facts about me:

1)I always try to read as much as possible. Classics are my favourites!

2)Every day I have lunch watching “Murder, she wrote”. Angela Lansbury is a kind of adoptive grandmother for me 🙂

3)In my bedroom I have a corner with candles and a little buddha statue to meditate.

4)I love to listen to my vinyls.

5)I don’t have any ideas about what to do in the future. No idea about my ideal job or my ideal house etc.

6)I don’t like to go to the disco.

7)I always smile when I listen birds singing.

8)Every night when I go to bed I write a few notes about my day.

9)I love to try to cook new dishes!

10)I don’t like to go to the cinema or to watch movies.

11)I’m trying to find the courage to write to a Onlus to leave for a months this summer. I would like to go to India to volunteer for a project relating women’s rights but at the same time I’m scared because I’m not sure I can deal with that situation.

I Nominate:

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Looking at the world

11 Questions for you:

1)What was the last book you read?

2)What is your favourite dessert?

3)Where do you live?

4)What was the last place you visit?

5)Where is your dream home?

6)Seaside, countryside or Mountain?

7)Would you like to turn your hobby into a business?

8)What is your ideal outfit? Casual or elegant?

9)In what do you believe?

10)If you could change one thing of your past, what would you change?

11)What you want to fight (an idea, a bad habit etc) in your life to become a better person?

Have fun my dears!!!